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Which is better DTG or screen printing?

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Difference Between DTG and Screen Printing:

Screen printing is the more customary strategy that includes pushing the ink onto the texture through a stencil, while direct to the article of clothing is a more current technique that utilizes a printer to apply the ink to the shirt. (Source:

It is a very common question nowadays when it comes to printing a t-shirt. When almost a decade or two ago, there was only a screen printing option to print on anything.

Its the traditional and much-evolved model where there are tons of expertise companies worldwide who produce awesome results with much-complicated designs or even photo prints. 

Then came digital printing options on various things from paper to fabric to various other things. Let's discuss the direct t garment and screen printing options for T-Shirts. (

How Screen Printing Fare Against DTG Printing

There are different ways t-shirt sales are booming with the wide sale of graphic tees online, coupled with the advent of printed t-shirt online business. Here, we look at some of the differences between two of the widely used methods of printing t-shirts. (Source: )19

Screen Printing features:

  • This printing technique uses a stencil onto the fabric; the ink does not soak in the fabric but stays on the top of it.
  • When you wish to print an impactful logo on your company t-shirt, screen printing is the best method.
  • You can create outstanding prints such as drawings, shapes, typography, and so on with the help of screen printing.
  • Screen printing offers quality at a very reasonable price. This is the best method for bulk orders.

Source: champu.in19

Digital Printing Features:

  • Digital printing is suitable for small orders.
  • One of the benefits of digital printing is that it can print more colours in one pass.
  • With the help of digital printing, you can create any graphic as there are no limitations with respect to the use of colours, designs, and graphics.
  • In digital printing, there are more dots per inch, and thus, the quality of the print is better.
  • Digital printing is very convenient as there is no need for any stencil or any other tool. Just a system that is attached to a printer.
  • As stated, both the printing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, when you are looking forward to meeting the requirements of a big order, screen printing is the best method. In screen printing, the colours are laid down at a time, and for each different colour, there would be a separate screen. This is how processing bulk orders are convenient with screen printing. Screen printing offers a maximum print size of 32 inches, which is not possible with any other kind of printing technique.
  • Everything from the stencil to the ink is affordable in screen printing. That is why it is the most cost-effective method of garment printing. Further, the inks of screen printing are more opaque than the one used in digital printing. Hence, the prints of screen printing look more impactful.

Source: champu.in19