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What is the Cost of kornit storm HD6 In India?

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SrinivasanChief Party Member
Co-Founder of KnitBrain International.

Kornit storm, the robust and field-proven commercial DTG printer, serving small to mid-size printing businesses is now available as an HD technology platform. The new Kornit Storm HD6 is priced at around ₹2.3 Crore in India

Advantages of kornit storm HD6:

  • Ryan, one of the key benefits Kornit promotes with the HD technology and RAPID ink is a reduction in ink usage by approximately 30% with an improvement in quality. (
  • Operating Conditions 18°C-30°C / 64.4°F-86°F, Humidity: 45%-95% (kornit.com27)
  • The smaller drop size saves ink and gives a better hand feel,” explained Kornit EMEA marketing director Oliver Luedtke. “The ink saving compared to the Storm Hexa is around 30%”. (printweek.com18)
  • Hardy added that only about 5-10% of its clientele are corporate. (printinnovationasia.com19)
  • From February until now, we have experienced that the ink costs save us more than about 40% compared to Kornit Breeze, so I'm quite happy with it,” Hardy said. (printinnovationasia.com19)