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Milk Wool
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What is Milk fiber fabric and What are the Benefits?

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Milk fiber fabric is a mixture of casein protein from milk and acrylonitrile, the same chemical that is used to make acrylic, or it is made with pure casein protein. The kinds of milk that is disposed of still contain valuable ingredients and also provide great potential for technical purposes.

Benefits of milk fiber fabric

Today's milk fiber fabric is environmentally friendly, high strength, and much more advanced than man-made fiber. Here are some benefits of having milk fiber:

1. Since it is undergoing a continuous graft polymerization strategy it is environmentally friendly in nature.

2. Can be considered a green product because no formaldehyde is present in the product.

3. Milk fiber fabric is made from milk casein instead of fresh milk. We can use acid, reactive, or cationic dyes, especially for such fibers.

4. The pH of milk fiber fabric is 6.8 which is similar to human skin.

5. So the products made with them are more suitable for human skin.

6. Milk fiber fabric contains seventeen amino acids and the natural anti-bacterial rate is more than eighty percent. Thus, milk fiber fabric has a sanitarian function.

7. It is a new synthetic fiber containing milk protein as the main ingredient based on a high-tech process. Milk fiber fabric has the advantage of natural fiber along with synthetic fiber.

8. These are more comfortable, with great water transport and air permeability.