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what is binder in textile printing

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Binders are film-forming polymers that play important roles in achieving optimum properties.  Enabling a material containing chemical components to adhere to fabric, the textile binder adheres to fabric and turns into a film layer that surrounds its particles. This substance must be powerful in terms of binding pigments with fibers so that a high-quality product can be obtained. Being soft and elastic, the substance does not pour, spread or diffuse.

If the textile binder does not display adhesive characteristics after the formation of the film layer, this indicates that your material is of high quality. If this substance is kept under good storage, it will not degenerate up to 12 months. It does not require cross-binding, because this product creates cross bonds by itself. 

The textile binder is a useful product for clothes and fabrics. Tailors with big facilities usually use this product. The product, which keeps clothes hard, never allows them to be torn.

Being a powerful binder, no matter how much your clothes stretch, it enables you to use them without tearing them into two pieces. Skin contact with this product, which is required for many materials, should be avoided because it is a chemical. . Its pigments are very powerful. Since chemical substances are hazardous, this product may directly do harm to you. In the case of contact, do not ever use your own methods. Consult a doctor immediately.

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(PDF) Binder application methods for textile performing processes

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PDF | On Oct 25, 2015, M Bulat and others published Binder application methods for textile performing processes | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate


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  • The binder functions as an adhesive between the layers when it is heated up, melt s and cools down to

Binders and Resins for Dyeing & Pigment Padding & Printing

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Textile Cross-linking Acrylic & Natural Binders and Resins with Low Free-Formaldehyde for Textile Fibers | Binders, Gums, Softeners, Anti-Migrant agents.


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