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Is antimicrobial coating safe?

What is an antimicrobial coating?

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Originally answered to "What is an antimicrobial coating?"

.In layman's terms, an antimicrobial coating is an application of a chemical agent on a surface that can stop the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms. Apart from increasing the surface's durability, appearance, corrosion resistance, etc., these coatings also protect from harmful disease-causing microbes. (

The Need of Antimicrobial Coating:

  • As revealed by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, more than 4 million people acquire a Healthcare-Associated Infection (HCAI) each year, which results in 37,000 deaths. Combatting HCAIs is a significant problem for the healthcare sector around the globe. HCAIs are the sixth leading cause of death in western countries. In developing countries, the situation is worse.
  • There is an increase in the need to protect surfaces from germs and microbes. This is not only true for healthcare devices/surfaces. The need is more widespread. From surfaces, equipment and walls, to textiles and food, everything is susceptible to microbes, which ultimately find their way to human beings. It is not possible to always clean, disinfect or use strong chemicals on surfaces to prevent the growth of germs. In this scenario, antimicrobial coatings seem to be the best option. It is a simple process of coating the surface with antimicrobial agents, leading to a more secure and long-term solution.