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How to get Woolmark certification in India?

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SrinivasanChief Party Member
Co-Founder of KnitBrain International.

The Woolmark Certification Program tests and provides assurance of the quality of wool apparel, wool yarn and fabric, wool care product, and wool processing technology. So, If you are into Wool-related business, you can apply and get certified by Woolmark. Here is the steps 

step 1. Application 

To use our iconic logo, we first connect you with a Woolmark representative to understand your product range and your business needs. Fill out the form below to get started16.

step 2. Product testing

Yarns, fabrics, garments, care products and processes are independently tested in order to qualify for Woolmark certification. We ensure consumers are receiving quality wool products, that’s why we ask brands to undergo rigorous testing. 

step 3. Business support

As a Woolmark licensee, you will be allocated your own Woolmark Key Account Manager to provide support in:

  • Product development
  • Sourcing and traceability
  • Innovation commercialization
  • Technical transfer
  • Training and education
  • Near Field Communication chips

step 4. Tickets and labels

Our branded tickets and labels are attached directly to your products to assure your customer of the product quality. We have a preferred supplier of tickets and labels. Benefits of our preferred supplier:

  • Easy to use e-platform ordering system
  • Minimum runs at 500
  • Lead time is only 10-14 business days

step 5. Licensee portal

Once you become a Woolmark licensee you will have access to The Woolmark Company’s exclusive suite of content, including:

  • Marketing assets
  • Market intel
  • Training and education resources
  • Research and scientific fact sheets
  • Licensee resources
  • Test results and product specifications