Here are some key statistics  for texpreneurs who is into the textile printing industry

  1. Some industry estimates say that DTG prints on garments last anywhere from 25% to 50% as long as screen prints. (
  2. 99% of DTG printed t-shirts need to be pre-treated – so don't forget about pre-treating! (
  3. The specially formulated inks give you the flexibility to print on natural fabrics and synthetic blends including 100% light poly. (
  4. This reduces ink consumption by 30% as compared to other DTG printers, therefore the print cost decreases. (
  5. -Eagle printers can be equipped with custom size platens according to needs, reaching 18 A4 size platens on Eagle TX 130. (
  6. - Can print 100% full-color designs on light and dark polyester. (
  7. The six different print modes increase the print speed to 35% faster on images using white ink and double the speed without white ink mode. (
  8. Not only does Direct Ink produce great results, but it also costs as much as 66% less than competitor's inks and works with a bulk ink system. (
  9. Environmental conditions Temperature 10-35C / humidity 20%-80% (
  10. Printing substrates 100% cotton and cotton blends (