List of Chemicals Used in Garment Washing Plant and Their Functions. here is the chemical name which is used in the garment washing plant.

  1. Enzyme
  2. Acetic acid [CH3-COOH]
  3. Detergent
  4. Ant staining agent
  5. Bleaching powder [Ca(OCl)CL]
  6. Sodium hyposulfite [Na2S2O2]
  7. Caustic soda [NaOH]
  8. Soda ash [Na2CO3]
  9. Sodium bicarbonate [NaHCO3]
  10. Potassium permanganate [KMnO4]
  11. Cationic/ nonionic flax softener
  12. Micro emulsion silicon
  13. Salt
  14. Buffer
  15. Hydrogen peroxide [H202]
  16. Stabilizer
  17. Fixing agent
  18. Optical brightener
  19. Resin

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