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Medical Textiles
Medical Textiles
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the Group for medical textile manufacturers and suppliers to discuss and share the knowledge about the medical textile industry


Bioplastic textile market size was estimated close to USD 1 billion in 2018 and will exhibit growth of over 4% up to 2025. ... Polylactic acid (PLA), being the major raw material in bioplastic textiles production is extracted... (More)

The e-textile industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but there’s still a lot of confusion around some of the most common terms. For want of a set of industrial-standard nomenclature, the public may be confused by phrases like “e-textiles,”... (More)

Performance enhancing smart textiles are intended for use in athletic, extreme sports, and military applications. These include fabrics designed to regulate body temperature, reduce wind resistance, and control muscle vibration – all of which may improve athletic performance

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If we design smart fabric experiences poorly, we will distract people from their real world experiences, causing them to live diminished experiences when they wear these products. Instead of using technology to enhance their lives, we could burden them even... (More)