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Apparel Sourcing
Apparel Sourcing
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Everything about Apparel/ Textile sourcing

If You go to kadherpet, besides of railway Station, You can purchase all the qualities of T-shirt. There are so many shops in the kadherpet. Go to different shops and compare the quality and price with different shop. Then you... (More)

Every year, CGT sister publication Apparel examines the profit margin of the industry's top public manufacturers and retailers and ranks them in its highly anticipated Apparel 5011 report. The following is a look at the top manufacturers on the list.... (More)

Online shopping continues to grow, and there has never been a better time to do it! Finding a reliable supplier for your online boutique can be difficult. There are many options to choose from when finding wholesale clothing for your... (More)

In 2018, Mr. Saghian said about 80 percent of the brand's clothes were made in the United States. Fashion Nova's supply chain has shifted since then, and now the brand says it makes less than half of its clothes in... (More)